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Supercharge your growth from existing clients

A top-tier enablement program for Customer Success. Build exceptional onboarding experiences, strategic account management strategies, and a robust referral system. All on a solid CS-strategy.

Challenges that lead to poor LTV

1 - Not delivering tangible impact

2 - Not expanding on customers

3 - Not getting referrals

Customer Success often gets confused with product delivery and training. The challenge lies in extending beyond just delivery to create real value that customers can measure.

As businesses scale, so should their customers. However, many struggle with exploring expansion opportunities within existing customers strategically, leaving potential growth untapped.

Focus is on customer acquisition ignores the potential of turning current customers into brand advocates. A strategic advocacy framework is necessary for this transformation.

This Program's contents:


Value framework and onboarding

A value framework is critical to ensuring focus and communication of value. In onboarding, you set the basis for adoption.


  1. Value Framework established inside your company.

  2. Impact and success of customers are measurable.

  3. Onboarding playbook operational.

  4. Customer relationships set up at the right level here.


Customer Support Fundamentals

Ensuring an operational support team is essential for happy customers. We build a learning support organisation.

  1. Support processes are operational

  2. Knowledge base and FAQ are set up

  3. Support case categorisation established.

  4. Support performance reportings set up


CS Strategy and Customer Journey

Setting a strategy with relevant targets and putting customers on a successful journey is the basis for your success.

  1. Customer Success strategy is set up

  2. Targets and KPIs are set and implemented.

  3. All touchpoints of your customer journey are in a playbook.


Product Adoption and Customer Advocacy

Fostering adoption and managing customers effectively is essential for happy customers, that become your fans.

  1. Customer impact is measured and communicated back

  2. Advocacy framework is operational

  3. Trigger play is established in CS

  4. Customer Advisory Board is set up

Are you ready to start? 

This program is available in cooperation with my partner For more details, visit the program website here:

This is what you get with my program


Deep Dive Learning

Our online knowledge platform follows the roadmap and provides the needed knowledge at hand. Your teams develop valuable skills that would take years to gain themselves, and a common language within the company is created.

  • Video learning platform, incl. real-world case studies

  • hands-on explanations on implementations

  • up-skill your entire organisation simultaneously


Personal Lead Coach

Every client has a lead coach to leverage the knowledge and expertise of a true startup veteran. They guide and support you throughout the program, minimizing trial and error, and ensure fast progress by actively running project management on your team.

  • Your personal lead coach being a startup veteran

  • active project management & progress assurance

  • topic specific deep-dive sessions & bi-weekly calls


Implementation with direct impact

Step-by-step the needed foundations are directly built up in your business, creating immediate impact and setting the needed foundation to scale. All resources are pre-created and ready to go to fast-track the process.

  • Time-saving templates and frameworks

  • delivery agenda with measurable outcomes

  • immediate impact on your business KPIs

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